Roseanne Barr on ABC Continuing Show Without Her: ‘It’s Beyond Entitled’

“It’s beyond entitled,” Roseanne Barr said in a recent interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast about “The Conners,” the reboot of her own canceled sitcom.

During the wide ranging conversation with Rogan — which went live late Thursday night — Barr talked about the cancellation of her hit television show, the controversial tweet that got her fired and what’s next for her career.

On “The Conners,” Barr expressed that she was “sad” to see her own creation go on without her.

The comedian said ABC was “entitled” to think they could take 30 years of an artist’s work and simply recreate what made it special in the first place.

“They think they can copy it without the artist [who created it],” she said.

Barr did admit that ABC was only able to continue the story of her characters because she signed off on it. She said the motivation behind signing the rights to her work away was that she wanted to save the 200 plus jobs the show supports. Because ABC had already greenlit “Roseanne” for a second season before axing the series, Barr said she felt a responsibility to people who were relying on another year of work with the show.

Still, the comedian said it was a difficult decision because the series, which follows the story of the blue collar Conners family, was extremely personal to her.

“That show is about my family, my children,” the comedian said.

“It’s a mindwarp,” she added about her show going on without her.

Before signing away the rights to her sitcom, Barr said she asked ABC for the opportunity to publicly apologize for her tweet aimed at former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett. The tweet was deemed by many to be racist — though Barr said it was a bad joke meant to criticize Jarret and Obama’s foreign policy decisions — and Barr immediately apologized for the bad joke, but she said she wanted the opportunity to apologize on some of ABC’s talk shows.

“An apology with your network behind you really works,” she said. “They were not behind me.”

Despite seeing the mishandling of the situation by ABC, Barr said she takes the brunt of the blame for how things turned out for her and her program.

“I should have stayed off Twitter,” she said. “I did it to myself.”

Barr, 65, said she is not currently using Twitter. Her last tweet was sent out on September 16.

Barr, who lives in

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