Hilaria Baldwin on her easy postpartum ‘bounce-back: ‘I try to work out every day’

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I’m not a mom and I’ve never been pregnant, so let me ask the moms out there: do you find Hilaria Baldwin inspirational whatsoever? Because she annoys the ever-loving f–k out of me. I work out four or five times a week most of the time. I’ve had to slow down my workouts a bit over the past year, as I’m really starting to feel myself slowing down naturally in general. Genetically, I’m struggling with early-onset arthritis, which comes from both sides of my family. My knee is torn up, my feet hurt and my joints pop. I no longer feel bad about myself if I skip a gym trip, because I feel like my body is just craving the rest. So it’s annoying to hear Hilaria incessantly talk about how EVERY woman, regardless of situation, should be doing this or that with their workouts. It’s like the Tracy Anderson thing – it’s a preachy message aimed at rich women with too much money and too little sense, but it has the effect of making every other woman feel “less than” if they dare to, you know, not feel like working out, or have medical issues, or not have the time because they’re supporting their families. Hilaria’s latest is an interview with Women’s Health Magazine. Some highlights:

How she stays active after have four children in five years: She reminds herself that “staying active even when I don’t want to, even when I’m so tired I just want to sit on my butt, will make me feel better and I’ll be healthier in the long run.”

How she bounces back after pregnancy: Hilaria notes that she was very lucky to have “easy labors and deliveries,” but owes a lot of her postpartum “bounce-back” to the fact she was fit before getting pregnant, and worked hard to stay fit during her pregnancy. “Even though my body gets bigger, and I gain weight and slow down, I try to work out every day,” she says, adding that she thinks it’s important not to be afraid of your body when you’re pregnant. But working out doesn’t mean hitting the gym for hours on end for Hilaria. “I’m very active with my kids, so even if I don’t go to the gym, I’m lifting them in and out of the tub and out of their

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