428: Shibuya Scramble is the best crime book you’ll ever read on your PS4

If you’ve been following Japanese video games for a while, you’ve probably come across the magazine Weekly Famitsu at some point. Hugely popular to this day, its 40/40 review score system — four writers who can give up to 10 points each — remains notorious, despite the occasional allegations of excessive coziness with publishers. A 40/40 score is typically only bestowed upon the most hyped games, and it tends to have the effect of hyping them even further.

Until winter 2008, only eight games in the 22-year history of Famitsu received a 40/40 score. With the possible exception of the surprising yet remarkably prescient Nintendogs review, none of the selections would shock a Japanese games fan: Ocarina of Time, Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy

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