Hollywood North: Deadpool 2 being re-released for younger audiences

The ridiculously raunchy and vividly violent Deadpool 2 is getting a Christmas re-release with a family-friendlier edit.

The Vancouver-filmed Marvel comic book adaptation, which earned 20th Century Fox $734 million dollars at the worldwide box-office following a May release, will hit theatres again on Dec. 21 with a PG-13 rating. So a lot of blood and profanity will need be sliced and left on the editing room floor.

The website mcucosmic.com, which reports on everything Marvel, says the re-edited movie will be titled The Deadpool Before Christmas and include 15 minutes of new footage and a new character.

Some have speculated that the new character may be Fred Savage, either as himself or as an (much) older version of his character from The Princess Bride.

Thoughts? ⚔️ pic.twitter.com/fFe93tDI7e

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) September 28, 2018

Last month star Ryan Reynolds tweeted a photo of himself, in the Deadpool outfit, reading a bedtime story to Savage, which mirrors the opening of The Princess Bride which starred a 10-year-old Savage.

Meanwhile, Deadpool 3 is in active development but various outlets are reporting that the sequel will be shot in Atlanta and not Vancouver, where the franchise’s first two movies were filmed.

HANDOUT PHOTO – Director Jon M. Chu on the set of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION, from Paramount Pictures, MGM, and Skydance Productions. GR-08340

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Director Jon M. Chu will film a streaming series in Vancouver.

Jon M. Chu helms Vancouver TV project

The next project for Jon M. Chu, who directed the blockbuster and critical darling Crazy Rich Asians, will be a non-network TV series shot in Vancouver.

According to the Directors Guild of Canada production list, Chu will start rolling on Nov. 18 on the first season of non-network TV series titled Ink.

When we connect some dots, it appears that location production is most likely the 10-episode untitled Hilde Lysiak project will be part of the stable of shows on Apple’s recently announced by still unnamed streaming platform.

Chu is listed as the untitled Hilde Lysiak project’s director and executive producer, while the Vancouver-based Emily Thierry-Gray, who has worked on local productions like Netflix’s Lost In Space and Stargate SG-1, is credited as the show’s assistant production coordinator.

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Hilde Lysiak is a real-life girl and citizen journalist who

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