Miss Manners: I don’t need to know this stranger breastfeeds

Judith Martin

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I admit it: I am not a user of social media. I care not at all if some self-absorbed celebrity is, or is not, breastfeeding. Nor do I believe one’s every thought needs to or should be broadcast to the masses in an early morning tweet. How does Miss Manners view social media and the apparent complete abandonment of civility?

GENTLE READER: Social media did not invent bragging or celebrity gossip; it is only a system for distributing them widely. (It did, however, commit the crime of inventing “Please admire my lunch!” photography.)

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Still, Miss Manners notices that participation remains voluntary. You no more need to be on social media than to hang on the back fence listening to neighborhood gossip.

The reward is a lot of free time to do more interesting things, although admittedly some of it must be spent explaining to your real-life social circle that if they want to reach you for an announcement or an invitation, they must do it another way.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I got an email from a niece informing me that she is pregnant. She made an improvident marriage about six months ago to a man with limited education and no ambition. He has a criminal record, and two children.

Now he has insisted that the two children come and live with them, although his ex is too poor to pay child support. The couple lives in a small apartment, and they have no prospects of getting a home because he does not earn much. My niece just finished college, and I was hoping she’d get a good job so they could eventually buy a home.

I feel this decision to have a child dooms them to poverty, and that it was incredibly poor judgment on their part. I also believe it is wrong

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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