Keeping deer out of the roses, and making peace among cats

DEAR JOAN: In a recent column someone asked about roses and deer. At the end of my street is Almaden Quicksilver Park — almost 13,000 acres — and the deer population in our neighborhood is very active.

I have a line of roses alongside my garage, and the deer used to drive me nuts. I tried garlic clip-on stakes, cutting the roses early and a few other solutions. And then I found “I Must Garden Deer Repellent,” which is available on Amazon. It’s safe for people, pets and the environment.

It contains eggs, fish oil, garlic and botanical oils from other plants the deer aren’t fond of. I spray it on all new growth, including buds, every 3 weeks or so and the only time I’ve had the deer decimating my roses since I’ve started is when I lapsed from my schedule.

I stop spraying once the roses finish blooming for the year and start again in the spring when I see the first buds. This is my second year of using it and I love this stuff.

Ann Begun, San Jose

DEAR ANN: I always love hearing from readers who have tried a method or a product and can testify as to whether it worked for them or not. I’m glad to learn about I Must Garden, which should win an award for the name alone.

It would appear they are building on the tried and true home formula with the raw eggs, but it’s nice that it’s in such convenient form.

The company apparently makes a couple of varieties — spice and mint — and also has a “rabbit, groundhog and other herbivore” blend. There’s no information on whether it works against rats, skunks, raccoons, ground squirrels or gophers, so if anyone tries it I’d appreciate a report.

DEAR JOAN: In your column about all the cats trying to get along, you missed the point.

I agree they need separating at first. The problem is the current cat gets very jealous of any newcomer. Cats are very possessive. They own you, you don’t own them. The people need to make sure they give the current cat more love and affection and make sure that cat feels like it’s the only cat and is still king. Don’t let it see you giving the new cat love.

I’ve had this problem two times and this has solved the problem both times within a matter

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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