Nikki Reed: I haven’t done anything to my face just reduced my chemical intake

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Nikki Reed got a gig as a Tom’s of Maine spokesperson, which seems like a great company to represent and on brand for her. She’s all about being natural and is an animal lover, but surprisingly she’s not a vegan. She’s vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat but she’s more into balance and doing the best you can, she described it in a 2016 interview with Cosmo. Anyway Nikki had to get quoted so she claims that her face changed due to switching her diet and that she hasn’t had a nose job or veneers. I don’t think people were calling her out for being plastic but she’s explaining it anyway. She also had some advice about looking into the products we use and eat and making sure we know what we’re consuming. This reminds me of the great thread we had a couple of days ago in Kaiser’s story about Goop’s expensive skincare recommendations.

After years of “unhealthy living,” the actress and new mom began to pay closer attention to the ingredients in her food and beauty products — and the notable results have altered her appearance so much that she can hardly recognize her younger self. “I looked like a totally different person,” she tells PEOPLE.

Fans have noticed too — and some are quick to assume that her new look is the result of plastic surgery. “It’s amazing what a little inflammation due to unhealthy living can do to the bridge of your nose, or your pores, or your teeth,” the 30-year-old says of her younger self. “I have even read false things about myself like that I had a nose job, or veneers. Funny enough, I haven’t done a single thing to my face, except changed my lifestyle and reduced my chemical intake.”

The lifestyle changes she’s made — from carefully considering product ingredients to taking up Acro Yoga — have helped the actress to look and feel healthier than ever. “What people don’t realize is that it’s all connected. What you put in your body affects not just your insides, but [also] your outsides and your mind. And inversely, what you put on your body affects your insides as well.”

Reed has long been conscious of what goes into the food and products that she chooses, but she felt a renewed dedication to researching ingredients when she learned she was pregnant with daughter Bodhi in May 2017.

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