More Fighting! ‘MAFS’s Dave ‘Concerned’ Over Wife Amber’s Past Trust Issues

mafs dave amber fight over trust issues sneak peek video

Married At First Sight star Amber Martorana took a step forward in her marriage to husband Dave Flaherty when she admitted that he’s the only partner she has ever trusted – but his response to her confession is making them take 10 steps back! can reveal an exclusive sneak peek of their latest fight.

In the preview clip, Martorana decides to not look through his phone during an exercise.

“I’ve had a lot of issues in past relationships with trust,” she told her husband. “I would probably take this as an opportunity to go through and be like, ‘Oh yes give me your phone.’ You’re the first person I’ve really trusted completely so that’s good.”

She added in her confessional, “It feels really good that I don’t want to take advantage of this phone swap and that I don’t have any urge to look through his phone because I trust him and that’s very rare for me.”

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But Dave turned a positive into a negative, as he said her lack of trust in past relationships is “scary.”

“That sucks that you’ve never dated anyone you could trust before,” he admitted. “It’s a little concerning. I’m surprised that you’ve never had a long-term serious relationship where you could trust someone before. That’s a little bit surprising to me.”

Amber then said in her confessional how her husband is “a little [judgmental]” and has “a higher standard.”

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“I tend to date the guys who would not be the best to be in a relationship with. Why are you concerned?” she asked, as he responded, “When you’re married to someone who has only been drawn towards the wrong type of guy in the past it’s just not something I like hearing.”

This is the latest altercation for the couple.

On last week’s episode, Dave told Amber on a date night that although she smells “really good,” it’s “overpowering.”

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Amber vented in her confessional, “Wow I can’t believe he said that. I was totally thrown for a loop. Even after everything we talked about he always brings out my flaws.

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