Dollars and Pets: Costs and benefits of pet grooming

Most of us take time to get our hair cut, trim our nails and go to the dentist. But how regularly do we take care of our pets’ grooming needs?

Find out the costs and benefits of keeping your pet healthy and happy with good grooming habits that help them look and feel their best.

Why groom?

Grooming isn’t just a luxury for our pets. It can actually be an affordable and practical way to monitor their health and make them more comfortable. Here are a few benefits to keep in mind:

Reduces shedding, fleas and other parasites.
Helps them bond, relax and socialize.
Keeps their coat, skin, ears, nails and teeth healthy
Grooming your cat

Cats typically do not need to be bathed, because they clean their own fur; however, there may be situations where bathing is necessary, especially if a cat is unable to bathe herself due to old age or other health conditions.
If you can bathe your cat easily, count yourself lucky. If it is a struggle, try using a small tub or sink with a non-slip mat and lots of tasty cat treats before, during and after.
Add warm water to the sink and slowly ease your cat into the water. Have a helper lather your cat with cat shampoo and rinse using a pitcher, or use a water sprayer or faucet on very low force.
If this works, cat shampoos average $5 to $17 per bottle. If not, and grooming is a necessity, schedule with a professional groomer.
Brushing your cat helps to reduce the hair they ingest and in turn decreases hairballs. Daily brushing is recommended for long hair and some medium hair breeds, while short hair breeds may only need to brushed a few times a week.
Brushes vary widely in price from $6 to $70.
Periodically cleaning your cat’s ears gently with a moistened cotton ball helps to
remove the outer ear of wax and dirt.
To keep eyes clean you can use a warm washcloth to gently wash away discharge in the corner of the eyes.
Trimming your cat’s nails can help prevent painful ingrown nails while also saving
your furniture. Nails can be trimmed at home or by a groomer about every two weeks. Groomers charge on average $10 to $25 for a nail trim.
Brushing your cat’s teeth daily can help reduce plaque and gum inflammation and keep your pet’s overall health optimal. Cat dental care kits average $6 to $12 and usually include a toothbrush, finger

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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