‘American Sniper’ Wife Ends Silence, Joins Vets in Going After Nike and Kaepernick


Taya Kyle, wife of Chris Kyle, has spoken about about the new Nike ad campaign featuring NFL anthem kneeler and now-former quarterback Colin Kaepernick (shown above left).

And she’s not alone — not by a longshot.

Her husband was murdered in 2013 while he was helping a veteran deal with PTSD issues. He left behind Taya (shown above right) and their two children. He served four tours in the Iraq War and received the Silver Star and four Bronze stars, among other awards.

She’s among those who are unhappy with Nike’s new Kaepernick ad. She runs a foundation in her husband’s name and recently took to Facebook to blast the athletic gear company.

“Nike, I love your gear, but you exhaust my spirit on this one. Your new ad with Colin Kaepernick, I get the message, but that sacrificing everything thing,” wrote Taya Kyle.

“It just doesn’t play out here. Sacrificing what, exactly? A career? I’ve done that both times I chose to stay home and be with my kids instead of continuing my business climb … and it wasn’t sacrificing everything. It was sacrificing one career and some money and it was because of what I believe in and more importantly, who I believe in.”

She went on to say that the most Kaepernick ever sacrificed in leaving the NFL was some money — but plenty of other doors were opened for him.

As many others have done, she then highlighted former NFL player-turned-Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who died in the line of duty while serving overseas in 2004.

He left his NFL contract behind to serve his country.

Here are some tweets from those aligned with Taya Kyle and her thoughts about Nike and its controversial new campaign:

Taya Kyle (Chris Kyle’s wife) lost everything for their sacrifices. Pat Tillman, was amazing, he sacrificed EVERYTHING!

Nike, you lose! https://t.co/50vgwhxjol

— John T Dixon Jr (@JTDixonInks) September 4, 2018

I think Taya Kyle (Chris Kyle’s wife) sums up the whole @Nike situation pretty well. @Kaepernick7 isn’t a hero in any way, and the two just want to profit off of the controversy. pic.twitter.com/iUCeSKzGlW

— Jonathan (@JCliff0) September 5, 2018

Well said Taya Kyle. I applaud the grit to write a message as this. Take the time to read it. https://t.co/65i5HTUqrR

— Elite Performance (@ZDEliteP) September 5, 2018

Thank You Taya Kyle. We will never forget your husbands sacrifice

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