You can thank B.C. Lions’ Wally Buono for giving us Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Blockbuster action star Dwayne Johnson gave a shoutout to the B.C. Lions’ Wally Buono this weekend, crediting the CFL coach for setting him on a path toward becoming the entertainer known as The Rock.

Johnson, who is currently in Hawaii filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise, shared a video to his Instagram over the weekend, explaining how his failed Canadian Football League stint made him the Hollywood star he is today.

The video appears to be have been filmed on Thursday, showing Johnson in his trailer while in costume, next to a television showing last week’s B.C. Lions and Edmonton Eskimos game in Vancouver.

“I’m on the set of Jungle Cruise, I’m getting ready to head to set. Before I went to set, I look and on my TV live is the CFL game, Canadian football, between Edmonton and B.C., the B.C. Lions,” he says as a shot of Buono pacing the sidelines appears.

“That guy right there, Wally Buono! Was my coach when I played in the CFL for Calgary. He was a mentor of mine, he ultimately cut me from the team but the reason I’m saying this is because it was such a defining time, that I appreciate that man so much. I appreciate playing on this very field.”

Johnson goes on to explain how being cut from the CFL meant his NFL dreams were also dashed but that it put toward a different career.

“But the point of this is to tell you guys – sometimes in life, something you want so badly, your dreams that don’t happen sometimes, they’re the best things that never happened.

“So for me, playing with the NFL was the best thing that never happened. I thank you CFL, I thank you Wally Buono. To everybody out there, keep working hard. Sometimes, your biggest dreams that don’t come true are the best things that never happened.”

Johnson, a college football player, joined the Calgary Stampeders in 1995 but was cut after two months. Buono was the Stampeders head coach from 1990 to 2002. Johnson then went on to join the World Wrestling Federation, which then translated into film roles.

Johnson has frequently pointed to his brief time in the CFL as being a fateful turn of events that allowed him then to pursue a Hollywood career.

The actor is now filming Jungle Cruise alongside Emily Blunt. The adventure film is inspired by the Disney Parks Jungle Cruise riverboat ride, which dates back to

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment


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