Jennifer Lopez truly ‘doesn’t know’ if she even wants to marry Alex Rodriguez?

Jennifer Lopez arrives at MTV TRL Studio

I go back and forth on Jennifer Lopez, as many of you know. Like, I genuinely adore her and want the best for her. But I also acknowledge that she has a terrible picker and that this whole “I’m a romantic who is in love with love” sh-t is getting really tired. I also go back and forth on J.Lo’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez. On the plus side, she’s not dating a loser backup dancer who gets pap’d outside budget “massage parlors.” On the other hand, A-Rod is a narcissist who has cheated on every girlfriend/partner he’s ever had, right? So… yeah. I haven’t known what to make of the fact that J.Lo and A-Rod haven’t announced their engagement yet. As it turns out, it might be some kind of positive growth from Jennifer?

When it comes to Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez is adamant about doing things right. That means not hurrying down the aisle with the retired baseball star, 43.

“They were ready to get married early on and talked about it. But Jennifer decided she wants to do it differently this time,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly of the thrice-wed singer, 49. “She’s been down the marriage road and doesn’t know if she wants to do it again.”

Nor does she want to rock the boat. “Everything is working out so well, she doesn’t want to jinx it or change anything,” the close pal adds. Besides, the duo “already act like they’re married,” a second insider says. “They’ve been combining their finances.”

For now, Rodriguez and Lopez are relaxed. “They are very happy and have a great relationship,” the source continues. “They’re committed to each other and their families, and that’s what matters most.”

[From Us Weekly]

Should we celebrate that Jennifer isn’t hellbent on marching down the aisle with this one? Or should we play a game of wait-and-see? Because I’ve been feeling all along that A-Rod and J-Lo will get married and formally become J-Rod (JA-Rod? A-Lo?). I think it’s just a matter of time, but I do think that it’s a good sign that neither one of them seems to be pressing the marriage issue? They’re letting the relationship unfold somewhat organically, with a traditional timeline. I don’t hate it. Even though I think A-Rod will absolutely break her

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