Here comes another round of rumors about Idris Elba being the new James Bond

Idris Elba filming Turn Up Charlie

Last night, the news broke: Esquire was reporting that Idris Elba is now the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. The problem? It wasn’t Esquire’s exclusive – they were summarizing a report from The Independent. So I went to The Independent… and it turns out that they got their story from the Daily Star, which is a tabloid in Britain. And it’s through this game of Media Rumors that we hear that Antoine Fuqua has possibly relayed a conversation he had with Barbara Broccoli. That’s it?

Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has reportedly announced that the door is open for a black 007 in the future, once Daniel Craig completes his final outing as the spy. The Daily Star reports that director Antoine Fuqua revealed the details of a conversation with Broccoli, in which she said “it is time” for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role.

Fuqua discussed who might be next in the running with Broccoli, who’s certain the progressive move “will happen eventually”, with Idris Elba a reported frontrunner for the role. Indeed, the director seemed to hint that the actor is currently being eyed as a strong candidate, adding: “Idris could do it if he was in shape. You need a guy with physically strong presence. Idris has that.”

Danny Boyle will direct the next, Daniel Craig-starring Bond installment, with work having already begun on the script with Trainspotting scribe John Hodge.

[From The Independent]

Idris has already made it pretty clear, in interview after interview, that he’s completely “over” these rumors and dream-casting sessions. I feel sorry for him, in a sense, because it feels like “He Should Have Played James Bond” has been hanging over his career for years now. Clive Owen was like that for a few years too – everyone thought that Clive should be Bond, and then when he wasn’t, I tend to believe it affected his career. Besides, at this point, Idris is 45 years old. Daniel is making his last Bond movie now, so we’ll say that they’ll introduce a new Bond in maybe two or three years? Which would make Idris 48 years old. Please don’t make him do those crazy-ass stunts at that age!

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