Bust A Move, Jungle Boogie and Safety Dance at the PNE’s Summer Night Concerts in 2018

PNE Summer Night Concerts

When: Aug. 18 to Sept. 3, 8:30 p.m.

Where: PNE Amphitheatre

Tickets and info: Free with admission. Concert tickets for reserved seats from $30, at pne.ca

Can you name another song by A Flock of Seagulls besides I Ran (So Far Away)?

The Liverpool act fronted by Mike Score did log in a few other chart hits, but few beyond the most dedicated of fans would be familiar with any of them — even if you did like the whole idea of roller-skating through a department store in the Space Age Love Song video.

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So, how did the band wind up as the headliners at the Lost 80s Live multi-band bill on Aug. 26 a the PNE? The explanation lies in the complex formula of how you book for a state or provincial fair.

MONTREAL, QUE: JULY 1, 2011. — Men without hats frontman Ivan Doroschuk kicks it up at the Metropolis as part of the Montreal Jazz festival Friday, July 1, 2011. (Peter McCabe / THE GAZETTE )

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Men Without Hats frontman Ivan Doroschuk.

Also featuring Men Without Hats, Wang Chung, Farrington & Mann (original singers of When In Rome UK, not to be confused with When In Rome, Albania), Animotion and Nu Shooz, the showcase boasts more than its share of what we used to call smile-and-wave artists (you come on, smile, sing the hit, wave goodbye). At least Men Without Hats had a few hits.

Getting the right balance of talent that is has some level of name recognition as well as being family friendly, and, hopefully, a quality act is a challenge for programmers. The PNE has done a fair job over the decades. It just happens that 2018 seems really heavily weighted in favour of the past in a pretty partial sense — some of these acts were barely on the radar long enough to still be active, yet here they are.

Salt-N-Pepa With DJ Spinderella.

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And if you weren’t looking for Lost ’80s Live, there is always the I Love the ’90s Tour (Aug. 23) with Salt-N-Pepa with Spinderella, All-4-One, C&C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams and Young MC. Using simple math, we can look toward the Naughty ’90s after 2020.


Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment


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