Liberty and Justice for All — All Democrats, That Is!

One of the underlying values of our country has always been the belief in justice and fair play. Wait a minute. Not true, say many African-Americans, who have argued that justice has been denied them. America wears two faces, they insist. A double standard.

Fortunately, that period of time has been relegated to history. The notion that blacks are victims of a racist society may have been true prior to the 1960s, but this is a half-century after the Civil Rights Movement.

“White institutional racism has disappeared from our society,” explains author Scott Greer in “No Campus for White Men.” African-American author Shelby Steele agreed during last week’s “Life, Liberty and Levin” on Fox News, saying “the oppression of black Americans is over with.” That means America finally has justice and fairness, isn’t that right? Unfortunately, no.

In the Age of former President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party decided to substitute conservatives for blacks. Now it is conservatives who are denied justice and fairness. If you agree with the liberal playbook, you get all the justice and fairness that money can buy.

But, if you are a conservative and a Trump supporter, you are subjected to the wrong end of a double standard. Sorry. Justice and fair play do not apply to you. Nothing proves this double standard more than the existence of the “cover-Hillary’s-butt” team and the “kick-Trump-in-the-pants” campaign.

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been protected consistently by the justice system, from the Benghazi scandal to the uranium deal to the Clinton Foundation’s money laundering scheme.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI sunk to a new low by absolving Clinton of guilt for violating the Espionage Act when she used a private email server to transmit classified information and then destroyed much of the evidence.

After spelling out her transgressions in excruciating detail, then-FBI Director James Comey told us in July 2016 — with a straight face — that no charges would be filed against Clinton because “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

But former campaign manager Paul Manafort (pictured above right), who may have done something questionable a dozen years ago, is placed in solitary confinement for months — without being convicted of a crime — because he is deemed guilty of being a Trump supporter.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson contends that two solid sources confirmed to him that Tony Podesta (pictured above

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