Friday the 13th: Five horror scenes filmed in Vancouver

It’s Friday the 13th, a spooky day for the superstitious, and a great day for horror film fans, who have a flimsy excuse to talk their friends and loved ones into watching a scary movie.

That’s what the day is for, after all. Why else would there be a Friday the 13th film franchise? The biannual occurrence clearly possesses some inherent eeriness, creating an excellent atmosphere for a horror film.

If you seize the opportunity, there’s a good chance you’ll spot Vancouver in the background, playing its usual role as some other place. Hollywood North may be better known for its sci-fi and fantasy output, but a great deal of scary movies have filmed in the area, from high-end horror like Cabin in the Woods and 1980’s The Changeling to utter crap like Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem and, fittingly, the seventh otherwise forgettable Friday the 13th sequel.

And so. In honour of today’s date, here are five horror scenes filmed in Vancouver.

Friday the 13th Part VII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)

Fittingly, we begin with the Friday the 13th film franchise, which sees the nigh-unkillable Jason Voorhees turn up time and time again, primarily to punish sexy youths for having sex because that’s what they were doing when he drowned as a boy. Jason’s abstinence crusade mostly takes place at Camp Crystal Lake, but has also brought him to such far-flung locations as space, Hell, and Manhattan.

But Manhattan is played, in several scenes, by the city of Vancouver. Much of the 1989 film was shot around UBC, and the scenes where Jason terrorizes a group of youths on the New York Subway were actually filmed on Vancouver’s SkyTrain.

Don’t be fooled by all the shots of Times Square when Jason’s intended victims disembark from the train. They’re riding the Expo Line. They’d exit to Granville Street.

The X-Files: “Ascension” (1994)

It almost feels like cheating to include a scene from The X-Files, since pretty much everything from the first six seasons was filmed in Vancouver. But we can’t in good conscience review classic horror scenes from film and television without taking a moment to appreciate Agent Mulder climbing all over the Grouse Mountain Skyride to prevent his partner, Agent Scully, from being abducted.

It’s not a particularly scary scene, but having ridden the gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain several times, I can tell you that I’ve shuddered at the mere thought of doing what Mulder does here.

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment


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