Watch Out, Luann! Inside de Lesseps’ Still-Married Boyfriend Richard’s Nasty Divorce

Luann de Lesseps has moved on from ex-husband Thomas D’Agostino with still-married Hollywood agent Rich Super.
But The Real Housewives of New York star may want to think twice, as the two-time divorcee has a history of nasty splits, can exclusively reveal.

In court papers obtained from Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Super filed for divorce from his wife Mary Elany Prousalis on December 3, 2000 after only six months of marriage.


In her trial brief filed on April 16, 2001, her lawyer claimed they are having issues determining spousal support.

“Although this is a very short marriage, there is an issue of short-term support because of the disparity between the relative income of the parties,” the papers claim. “She has need and [Super] has the ability to support her.”

In the court documents, her attorney explained how she is employed part-time as she finishes school. They allegedly enjoyed a lifestyle of spending in excess of $20,000 per month throughout their marriage.

“[Prousalis] claims that [Super] has deliberately reduced his income and should be charged with an ability to earn of $200,000 per year,” the papers read. “Although it is recognizably irrelevant in determining permanent spousal support, for purposes of temporary support, guidelines support should have been $5,626.”

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Although Super did pay for basic living expenses for a few months for Prousalis, which include six months of car lease payments and insurance, and two months rent, he claimed what he spent was “very small” compared to what his earnings were.

“We are only asking for four months of support to compensate [Prousalis] for having had to deplete all savings, sell her wedding ring and borrow money to survive,” the papers alleged, “In addition, Respondent was forced to use cash from her IRA, which Petitioner had liquidated without her permission, to support herself.”

According to the court docs, Super claimed he does not have the money to support her and should not be required to after a six-month marriage. He claims the money he paid post-split “satisfied his obligation towards her support.”

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She alleged how her mother gifted them $8,000 to put

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