Henry Cavill laments that he can’t ‘chase women’ in the era of Me Too

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Henry Cavill covers the latest issue of GQ Australia. He’s promoting the latest Mission Impossible movie, the one with Tom Cruise (the one I don’t care about). The interview is mostly about Cavill’s life code, how he treats people with respect, how he tries to be a good guy, etc. There’s a sort of smarminess to him that I wish I could un-see, something which honestly reminds me of Tom Cruise. But then Cavill did something I wasn’t expecting him to do: he started spouting off some dumpster fire opinions about Me Too, dating and ladies. You can read the full piece here. Some garbage highlights:

His desire to find someone to spend his life with: “I’ve always been someone who’s put a lot of stock and value in the intimacy of a relationship, of a human partner,” he says. He loves his dog, Cal, and would defend him to the death, “but there’s something about having a girlfriend with whom you can share all the difficulties that you go through, or all the great stuff that you go through. It’s so nice to have someone to share the intimate moments with… Even if it’s just that unspoken communication of holding a hand.”

What he’s learned from the #MeToo moment we’re in. “I’ve been fortunate enough to not be around the kind of people who behave that way. To my memory there’s been no moments where I look back and think, ‘Ooh, OK, maybe someone shouldn’t have gone through that’. I know there have been situations with people I’ve worked with being perhaps overfamiliar with some of the actresses. But, I’ve always walked up to them and said, ‘Hey, are you all right? That’s creepy’.”

Whether the Me Too movement made him reexamine his own behavior: “I like to think that I’ve never been like that. I think any human being alive today, if someone casts too harsh a light on anything, you could be like, ‘Well, OK, yeah, when you say it like that, maybe.’ But it’s such a delicate and careful thing to say because there’s flirting which, for example, in a social environment is in context – and is acceptable. And that has been done to me as well, in return.”

Chasing women: “Stuff has to change, absolutely. It’s important to also retain the good things, which were a quality of

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