E!: Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher ‘have had a few bumps’ but are devoted

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E! has an exhaustive article about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s relationship, using older quotes that each of them have given in interviews. It’s suspicious in that there was a similar cover story in US Magazine months ago when no one was particularly concerned about them. Now that the stories are coming up again it sounds like they’re trying to get ahead of something. When I say the E! story is exhaustive it’s either the work of a detail-oriented writer who doesn’t get edited down (the author does many in depth stories for E!, also to be fair to her she’s likely told to write these kind of pieces) and/or it’s damage control. Below is a mere fraction of the story with new quotes from E!, it went on for about twice as long as I expected.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher… have weathered their share of turmoil sprinkled in with the blessings over the eight years of marriage that they’re celebrating today, and it takes an elevated level of commitment (beyond just “I do,” that is) not to cut and run when the going gets tough.

With eight years of marriage now under their belt, Underwood and Fisher have had a few bumps in the road, but their devotion to each other remains strong.

Fisher said about his wife back in 2012 on Behind the Music, “There’s so much to love about her. She’s funny, she’s very caring, she loves me with everything she’s got—and I do the same for her.”

And Underwood said, blushing, “I’ve never considered myself a person to need a man in my life to make me feel complete, but I need that man, that particular one.”

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The mere fact that there are so many stories about Carrie and Mike’s marriage and how they’re fine and working on it make it sound like a ton of work. As someone whose marriage didn’t last, I feel like if it’s this much work it’s a sign. You can love your partner and not be able to negotiate or communicate well with them, but maybe these two are happy now and will stay together. I really wonder though, especially when there are so many stories like this.

And check out Carrie’s post for their eighth anniversary. (Use the arrow keys when you hover over the picture for a second photo.)

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