Roseanne Rising Again! Barr Plots New Sitcom To Compete With Spinoff Of Her Old Show

Roseanne Barr Planning New Sitcom To Compete With Spinoff Of Her Old Show

Weeks after a racist Twitter tirade turned the entire country against her and got her booted from her own sitcom, insiders tell exclusively Roseanne Barr is preparing a new show, on a competing network!

Radar has learned the 65-year-old has already held meetings with producers and network execs about starring in a new sitcom that could go head to head with the spin-off, The Connors, of the show she was fired from!

“One network has already offered her a very fat contract,” said a TV industry insider.

“The money that’s being thrown around is as much as $37 million, and many millions more in international syndication residual payments!”

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In fact, she stands to come out far ahead because “she will likely OWN her new show AND all the international syndication rights,” according to one industry expert.

Barr has admitted she’s already weighing several opportunities.

“Inside every bad thing is a good thing waiting to happen, and I feel very excited because I’ve already been offered so many things,” she dished. “I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV, and I might do it.”

As part of her big comeback plan, Barr has also just agreed to do a huge tell-all interview…with herself!

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“After a lot of thought, I decided that I won’t be doing any TV interviews, too stressful & untrustworthy 4 me & my fans,” Barr wrote on Twitter. “I’m going to film it myself & post it on my youtube channel in the next week-the entire explanation of what happened & why!”

Media insiders believe Roseanne can have the same kind of comeback Mel Gibson has enjoyed since his virulent anti-Semitic tirade during a 2006 traffic stop.

The “Braveheart” actor bounced back from disgrace to direct Oscar-nominated “Hacksaw Ridge,” and has since appeared in major films like “The Expendables 3.”

“TV execs know people would tune in to see Roseanne’s return in droves,” a source spilled.

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“They’re willing to take the criticism if it means big ratings.”

But any return would come with strong restrictions.

“She’s facing a ‘one strike and you’re out!’ policy,”

Source:: Radar OnlineRadar Online


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