Lupus-Sufferer Selena Could Die From Boozing After Kidney Transplant, Top Doc Claims

Selena Gomez Lupus Could Die From Booze After Kidney Transplant Doctor Claims

Selena Gomez is putting her own life at risk by heavily drinking after her kidney transplant, a top doc told

The “Wolves” singer was spotted at the bar within the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City throwing back at least one shot after her ex, Justin Bieber, got engaged to Hailey Baldwin over the weekend, reported.

While alcohol could help lessen the blow of Bieber’s new serious relationship, New York City-based rheumatologist, Dr. Robert Fafalak – who has not treated Gomez – said that if the singer continues to drown her sorrows with alcohol, she could die.

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“The fact that she’s taking what sounds like a very high amount of alcohol can definitely become threatening to not only making her lupus worse but therefore potentially threatening her life,” Fafalak said.

The top doc added that Gomez’s lupus condition appears to be “severe” based on her need for a kidney transplant. As Radar readers know, Gomez underwent a complicated procedure in 2017 when her friend, Francia Raisa donated the singer one of her kidneys.

A source close to Bieber’s ex told Radar that Gomez’s recent alcohol intake was a “total shock” to the star’s loved ones. Her family and friends do not condone her drinking in any way, the insider said.

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“Selena is playing with fire now and if she is, in fact, drinking again she will need to get help quick before it spirals out of control and kills her,” the source added.

The lupus expert told Radar that drinking can not only exacerbate lupus symptoms, but it could also interfere with the medications she is likely taking to protect her new kidney.

“Most of these medicines can cause liver issues and of course, alcohol can be another additive effect where it can effect the liver,” Fafalak added.

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The doctor’s advice to the 25-year-old is to quit drinking immediately.

“It’s best to just avoid alcohol as much as possible,” the rheumatologist concluded.

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