Jenelle Evans’ 911 Calls Exposed Amid Custody Crisis: ‘They’re Keeping Him From Me!’

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Nathan Griffith and his mom Doris Davidson refused to return Kaiser to mom Jenelle Evans after noticing alarming bruise marks on the 4-year-old during a weekend visit. Now, can exclusively reveal three frantic 911 calls made by the Teen Mom 2 star.

In the first 911 call obtained from Horry County in South Carolina, Evans called authorities on Sunday, July 1 to report that Griffith and Davidson refused to return Kaiser.

“The grandparent and my ex are trying to keep my son,” Evans, 26, told the 911 operator. “I have primary custody and he has every other weekend. They were supposed to meet me at 5pm at the gas station and now they’re trying to say, ‘Oh since he has a bruise on him we’re going to keep him and not give him back to you.’”

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Evans continued that she has proof of their custody agreement and that they did not file an emergency custody order.

“I have primary custody,” she explained. “The father has supervised visits. He’s not even allowed to have him unsupervised. They’re trying to keep him from me!”

In a second call, she asked police to perform a wellness check on her son because she couldn’t get in touch with him during the Child Protective Services and Department of Social Services investigation.

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“Over the weekend he got a bruise on his butt,” she explained to the operator. “No one called me about it, but they called and made a police report. DSS is trying to investigate and hold my child at their house.”

She continued, “I’ve been trying to call my child all day, but no one answers the phone. We’re waiting on DSS to finish their investigation and no one will contact me from DSS. They won’t answer to let me talk to my child. I want to send an officer there to see if he’s okay and make sure everything is okay.”

As Radar previously reported, Evans was able to pick her son up on Tuesday, July 3. In the third 911 call, she asked for a police escort during the custody exchange.

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