Expat theatre company brings ‘fascinating, intricate, tricky’ play to Vancouver

The Human Ear

When: July 18-25

Where: Pacific Theatre

Tickets: $20 general admission at theatrewire.com

In The Human Ear, a man reappears after a 10-year absence. But is he who he says he is? His sister, and her boyfriend, a police liaison officer, aren’t sure. Hailed as “fascinating, intricate, and tricky” (the Guardian) when it opened at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the play (written by UK playwright Alexandra Wood) comes to Vancouver courtesy of Untold Wants Theatre. We talked to director Jessica Aquila Cymerman, originally from Los Angeles and co-founder (along with Galway-raised actor Éanna O’Dowd) of the young company, about putting on The Human Ear in Vancouver.

Q: What brought you and Éanna to Vancouver?

A: We both do film and TV as well as theatre. Volume-wise, the film and TV industry in Dublin cannot compare to Vancouver. We kept hearing about opportunities here. We had friends, another couple who moved here a year before we did. They couldn’t have been happier. So it was just kind of like, let’s try it and see if it helps our careers and inspires us artistically. So far it really has.

Q: How did you decide to do The Human Ear?

A: I met Paige Louter (the other actor in The Human Ear) after I saw her in a production by Cave Canem, The Lonesome West, at Pacific Theatre. I was blown away by her performance and I was like, ”I need to know this girl.”

So we knew we wanted to do a two-hander with her (Louter) and Éanna. And we knew we wanted it to be stripped down and minimalistic. There’s a play I did in L.A. called Cock by Mike Bartlett which is in the same vein — it’s in the round, it’s stripped-down. I knew that we wanted to do something kind of in the same vein. And she (Louter) let me know Cock had been done here a little less than a year ago. Then I remembered a play I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Human Ear. I gave it to Éanna and Paige and they loved it and we got to work.

Jessica Aquila Cymerman directs The Human Ear at the Pacific Theatre from July 18 to 25. For Shawn Conner’s 0712 q&a ear for July 12, 2018. Photo courtesy of Jalen Laine. [PNG Merlin Archive]

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