Will Brett Kavanaugh Stand Up for Women’s Rights and LGBT Rights? This Author Hopes Not

The legitimacy of a nation’s laws or a court’s decisions is measured by two things: the degree to which both stand for the inherent rights of all people; and how consistent both are to what Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers called “the immutable laws of nature” and “of nature’s God.”

So for the record, as a man I wouldn’t want a Supreme Court nominee to promise to focus on “male rights.” I hope that helps explain the headline of my piece.

If leftists would invest less bandwidth in outrage and shouting, and a little more in listening and thinking, they might see that special and “manufactured” rights for some diminish the actual rights of all. Selective justice promotes injustice; selective tolerance is intolerance.

Conservatives don’t want those on the Left to have fewer of the inalienable rights our Founders envisioned. But we would humbly remind the triggered masses of 2018 that imagining more rights in the whim of a cultural moment is a Pandora’s box that no culture should open either.

Supreme Court justices are charged with upholding the Constitution — and thereby defending the rights of all people. If Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed (and despite the street fight and obstructionist thuggery promised by the Left, it is certain he will be), he will go to the SCOTUS bench not to infer for any groups special rights, but to defend all people’s natural rights.

Pro-abortion advocates have been shouting about “women’s rights” and “reproductive rights,” of course. Pro-gay, pro-transgender, pro-trans-humanism and the “let’s-redefine-what-it-means-to-be-human” lobbies all want the judiciary to recognize the most recent grocery list of “rights” (read “demands”) that their PACs have scripted out.

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But what is desperately needed are leaders who govern in accord with natural law — what Jefferson called “self-evident truth” and others called “virtue,” “absolute morality” or “laws of nature and nature’s God.” Democrat spokespersons like Bernie Sanders have promised that “the fight is on,” but even the most liberal of the already disturbingly liberal Democrats should hope that the SCOTUS judges don’t assume any splinter group’s special rights.

We should all hope Kavanaugh goes to 1 First Street in Washington, D.C., committed to defending the God-given rights of all people — plus nothing, minus nothing.

Morals, court decisions and a nation’s destiny should be guided by dispassionate reason and ethical convictions. The world becomes unjust, and

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