Peanuts and hot dogs, oh my!


It’s a sad day in America for weenie and and peanut lovers.

In a bruising double-whammy that’s sure to leave big-box food shoppers and cheapskate air passengers in a terrible funk, Costco is cutting the popular Polish hot dog from its food-court menu. And as if that weren’t enough of a punch in the gut for consumers, Southwest Airline is doing the same with peanuts. Flying Southwest down to Phoenix? No peanuts for you!

Yes, peanuts can kill.

This makes me teary with relief! My son has an anaphylactic reaction with peanuts—even in the air. We both have celiac and would NEVER ask snacks to be gluten free, but peanuts are life threatening. So thankful for this change. #southwest #thankyou #SouthwestSnacks

— Lauren Allbright (@laallbright) July 10, 2018

But for the rest of us who have no beef with nuts, or no beef with Polish links for that matter, this double-dose of bad news feels like a double cross.

The end of peanuts on Southwest makes me want to cry. That was a big part of my formative years. I was NUTS ABOUT SOUTHWEST before I learned to LUV @SouthwestAir .

— Kartik Krishnaiyer (@kkfla737) July 9, 2018

And while we can kind of see the problem with handing out free packs of potentially deadly peanuts on an airplane, the move by Costco to wipe out its Polish dogs as if they’d never existed is, just like where those dogs end up, below the belt.

“The Polish dog is being cut,” wrote USA Today, “to make room for more healthy and vegan options, such as açai fruit bowls and organic burgers. Many customers are furious that they will no longer be able to purchase the menu item.”

Furious is putting it mildly.

Costco is getting rid of the hot dogs. I’ve never felt such heartbreak.

— MgnNgyn (@meganwinner) July 10, 2018

That’s right. The Twittersphere is awash this morning in a trail of tears. People feel betrayed by Southwest and Costco. People feel confused. People feel, well, fighting mad.

This is what happens when you switch from peanuts to pretzels. I told Southwest don’t do it.

— Educating Liberals (@Education4Libs) May 11, 2017

There is a silver lining, at least in the case of Costco’s decision to pull the Polish: other hot-dog options are expected to remain on the menu. The Seattle Times dug deep

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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