Jada Pinkett Smith Proves Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Talk About Masturbation

If you’re a woman, how often do you feel comfortable having candid conversations about sex, and in public? Would you have that kind of a conversation with your mother? What if your daughter was there, too? And would you bring up masturbation?

If you’re Jada Pinkett Smith,

Many people online are applauding Pinkett Smith’s frank talk about female self-pleasure.

“So many of us refuse to be this transparent with our daughters. They NEED it!” one Facebook commenter wrote. “Hell, we needed it.”

“I LOVE that you are bringing in your mother and daughter. I LOVE your parenting approach and how transparent and non-judgmental you are,” wrote another.

Journalist Candice Frederick took to Twitter to show her respect to the actress for opening up new avenues for women to have important, personal conversations.

I really appreciate that Jada Pinkett Smith has carved out her own section of media to have really honest and intimate conversations about such things as parenting, black womanhood, and sexuality. She did this on her own, non-traditionally. Much respect.

— Candice Frederick (@ReelTalker) June 13, 2018

Pinkett Smith, who starred in last summer’s hit comedy “Girls Trip,” has long been outspoken about her opinions and personal stories, whether it’s about hair loss and self-esteem, #OscarsSoWhite, or her past experiences with depression.

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