Jada Pinkett Smith on Willow shunning fame: ‘Jaden has come into himself more’


Jada Pinkett Smith has been so open on her Facebook talkshow, Red Table Talks, that I’m embarrassed on her behalf. Yesterday we covered her latest episode, about sex, in which she told shocking stories about sex toys and masturbation in front of her mom, her teenage daughter and her daughter’s best friend. Also yesterday, Jada posted a candid Instagram (which we didn’t cover) in which she admitted that she’s gone through depression and has considered suicide. She posted a message along with photos of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, writing that she’s done spiritual work and self growth over the years to recover. It was a heartfelt sentiment and she deserves credit for being so vulnerable and open. There was arguably an element of “I have the answers” to it.

Earlier this week Jada was on Megyn Kelly’s segment of Today, which is inexplicably still not canceled. Megyn must have an ironclad contract. (Plus we know what complete a-holes NBC executives are, given how they covered for Matt Lauer’s assaults for years.) Jada is promoting her Facebook series and has no films or TV shows coming out this year. Anyway here’s some of what she told Megyn and you can watch the video below. Megyn really kissed Jada’s ass and she was clearly loving it.

On why she’s so open on Red Table Talks
I think that at 47, I’ve come through so much. The one thing that I’ve realized in my life is that people who’ve had the courage to share their testimonies with me have been such powerful elixirs. We don’t talk enough about what’s going on within us. I wanted a place where we could feel safe to do that. I do that often within my own family, so I was like ‘let’s just share that.’

On Willow calling fame “terrible” and admitting she used to cut herself
I was [shocked] but at that moment Willow was speaking from a place of power. As her mother I needed to meet her there instead of crumbling within my own insecurities. She had come through.

On the work she’s done on herself after suicidal thoughts
I was just sharing on my Instagram the other day of those times I was in such deep despair that I also thought of taking my own life and how there’s not one answer. It’s like life is a journey to help us get to a

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