Vancouver rock heroes Japandroids get their own beer

As rock and rollers, it’s no surprise that Japandroids have an affinity for beer. Now they’re getting one named after them.

Drummer Dave Prowse says the real triumph of his band teaming up with Goose Island Brewery to produce a beer isn’t just that the proceeds are going to charity, it’s also that he and guitarist Brian King finally have a beer they can agree on.

The band is big enough now, he says, that they can list separate beers on their performance riders. Prowse is avid craft beer guy, interested in all kinds of colours and flavours, while King, he says, he usually happiest with a straight-up lager.

“One of the big coups for me was developing a beer that we both will drink,” he said Tuesday from his Vancouver jam space, where he and King are prepping for a European tour that launches June 29 in Moscow.

The duo were approached earlier this year by Goose Island, the two-decade-old Chicago-based craft brewer now under AB InBev’s banner, to be the fifth band to collaborate on a special brew for the annual Pitchfork Music Festival. The festival goes July 20-22 in Chicago.

Past Goose Island-band collaborations for the Pitchfork fest include No Collar with Chance the Rapper, Sharon Van Etten’s SVE Kölsch, Natural Villain with Twin Peaks, Run the Jewels’ Belgian wheat ale and S U R V I V E’s GI5-5538.

Proceeds from the sale of the pale ale, which will be available at the festival in cans and is called the Hops That Heaven Built — a nod to the band’s 2012 single — will go to RAINN, the American sexual assault hotline.

“This is the first time we’ve done something that’s involving a tie-in with a product,” Prowse said. “The tipping point was it’s for charity.”

Prowse has made a stab at home brewing before, but downplayed his success. Getting to visit Goose Island’s brewery earlier this year and look behind the curtain was a fun experience.

“I’ve brewed some pretty mediocre beer,” he admitted with a laugh. “I don’t know if could create the Japandroids beer on my own.”

The ale they settled on features two kinds of Canadian malt and Cascadia hops, both a nod to their roots.

King and Prowse met with two of Goose Island’s brewers to figure out what they were after.

“One of the biggest factors is it’s going to be hot as shit in Chicago

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment


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