The Bold Type Delivers on Its Leads

This article contains light spoilers through Season 2 Episode 2 of The Bold Type.

In a striking scene from The Bold Type’s Season 2 premiere, newly enamored lovers Kat (Aisha Dee) and Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) fight about their sex life in the middle of a glamorous party.

The ill-timed dispute begins with an exchange of terse words after Kat repeatedly begs Adena to join her on the red carpet for the soirée being thrown by Scarlet, the women’s magazine where Kat serves as the social media director. Adena, whose personality skews more reserved than Kat’s, takes issue with her girlfriend’s insistence on flaunting their as-yet unconsummated coupledom: “You’re ready to show me off and introduce me to the world as your girlfriend and put photos of us all over social media, but then …. You’re not ready to go down on me?”

It’s a daring choice for a show that has thus far been sultry but demure. There are sex scenes on The Bold Type, but the mention of explicit acts on the millennial-focused series had thus far been limited to discussions of sexy pictures sent via Snapchat. The workplace dramedy, created by Sarah Watson, introduced viewers to a trio of enthusiastic, offbeat young women working for the fictional fashion magazine magazine Scarlet.

There was Jane (Katie Stevens), the newly promoted staff writer and protégée of famed Scarlet editor-in-chief Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin), inspired by the formidable former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Joanna Coles. Editorial-assistant-turned-fashion-acolyte Sutton (Meghann Fahy) falls for—and eventually leaves—board member Richard (Sam Page). And of course, social media maven Kat convinced Adena, a magnetic Muslim lesbian photographer, to appear in Scarlet’s pages—and later found herself falling for the artist. Adena and Kat’s courtship was a steady fixture of Season 1, but their plotline took the backseat to Jane and Sutton’s personal and professional woes until the surprise of Kat’s decision to follow Adena to South America in the season finale.

But Season 2 of the Freeform show has started off by rectifying the most glaring omission of its preceding installment: the incongruous characterization of Kat, the only lead of color. The premiere addresses her sexual insecurity with compassion and grace: Sutton, Jane, and even Adena all remind Kat that it’s okay for her, as someone who is new to dating women, to be nervous about performing an act she’s not familiar with. Their conversations are frank, honest,

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