Camila Mendes on Cutting Her Hair for Riverdale, Her Pre-Kissing-Scene Ritual and More

You’ll never see a hair on Veronica Lodge’s head out of place on the CW drama Riverdale. But for her IRL counterpart Camila Mendes, that’s another story. The Miami-bred star, 23, has had insecurities about her hair her whole life — from frizz (that Florida heat!) to her haircut on the show to, yes, even her driver’s license photo. We sat down with the new John Frieda Hair Care spokeswoman in her hometown in honor of the brand’s “Your Hair Talks, Make A Statement” campaign to get the scoop on her hair story, her current beauty routine and of course some details about the show to hold us over now that it’s on summer hiatus.

Congratulations on your partnership with John Frieda! When you announced your role, you said you’ve used Frizz Ease extra strength since fifth grade. Is your hair naturally really frizzy?

Yes! I polled my dad’s side of the family and they all have frizzy hair. I don’t even know if I have thick or thin hair. But there’s just so much of it and my waves are just so inconsistent. I feel like I could never look up to my mom for hair tips because her hair was way straighter.

And you grew up here in Miami?

I did, which didn’t help. My driver’s license photo — my hair is just like the worst. My hair would get into all these weird curls, it was awful. And my school was kind of outdoors, it was a really big campus so we would have to walk like seven minutes to class to get to the other side of the building in the Miami heat. There’s no point in straightening your hair because it’s just going to frizz up again.

What’s your haircare philosophy now?

I’m more low-maintenance only because there’s so many more hot tools on my hair now than I’ve ever used, that I need to give my hair a break. That’s why I like the serum because I feel like it’s the one thing I can do that can smooth things out and it’s going to be shiny and pretty, but I don’t need to use a hot tool to make it look good.

On Riverdale, Veronica has a very specific signature hairstyle. Do you think we’ll ever see her change it up?

It’s funny because season one her hairstyle was always side-parted. I didn’t really like my hair season one… I didn’t

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