The 12 worst TV series finales of all time, from ‘Seinfeld’ to ‘Girls’

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It’s difficult to wrap up a television series, especially shows that have been on for so long that a planned ending isn’t really possible anymore.

A good final episode should bring back the themes of the entire show and its season, while tying things up (but not too tight). Often it goes terribly, and even some of the most iconic, well-written shows in television history have terrible finales.

Here, we collected the absolute worst series finales that still make our blood boil.

Here are 12 of the worst series finales in television history, from “Seinfeld” to “Dexter”:

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“Gossip Girl” — season 6 episode 11, “New York, I Love You XOXO”

When it aired: December 17, 2012

Bart Bass, who is the Loki of the “Gossip Girl” universe considering how many times he dies, is truly dead at the beginning of this episode. Chuck Bass (Bart’s son) and Blair Waldorf spend the majority of this final episode on the run from the law for pushing him off of a building. The big, stupid, desperate reveal that Dan is Gossip Girl leaves more plot holes than it closes, and the series ends with unbelievable endings for these awful characters. For example, the finale implies that Nate Archibald will become the mayor of New York City, but he has never taken the subway.

“Roseanne” — season 9 episodes 23-24, “Into that Good Night”

When it aired: May 20, 1997

The ninth season of “Roseanne” was such a mess that everything that happened in it got completely ignored for its brief tenth season and revival in March. In season nine, the Conners win the lottery, which completely changed the tone of a show that was praised for its depiction of blue collar Americans. The awful final episode reveals that Roseanne’s husband, Dan, is dead, and that the majority of the events in the season were made up for Roseanne’s memoir. It was a finale that focused more on wrapping up a bad season, rather than the show itself.

“How I Met Your Mother” — season 9 episodes 23-24, “Last Forever”

When it aired: May 31, 2014

Unfortunately, “How I Met Your Mother” ended the show in a way everyone knew was coming, but convinced themselves wouldn’t happen because it was so obvious: Ted and Robin end up together because the titular “Mother” dies of cancer. To

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