How can I get rid of a mother fox and three pups living under the deck?

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DEAR JOAN: Last Sunday we discovered we had a fox and three young ones nesting under our deck.

After calling trappers, Lindsay Wildlife, Contra Costa County, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, we are still at square one.

At this time we are trying to seal up the deck so they can’t get back in, but they still are trying and are pooping on the deck.

We live in a subdivision and were shocked to see the foxes.

Carolyn, Danville

DEAR CAROLYN: If you are patient, your problem will resolve on its own, with much less stress all around.

The fox chose your deck to have her kits, but it’s not a permanent home and once the kits are old enough, they’ll leave your property.

Foxes are not dangerous to us, children or dogs, but if they are really hungry, they might go after kittens or small cats. Having the fox and her kits in your yard will greatly reduce your rat and gopher problems, if you have any.

The female likely will return next year to have her babies, so after they leave, seal up the space under the deck and keep an eye out for her early next year.

If you want to hasten the departure this year, however, make sure you don’t have any food and water available to them. Motion activated lights, leaving a radio on set to an all-talk station, and loud noises can help drive them away.

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DEAR JOAN: I have a small pooper mystery. It began about 3 months ago, with my small dog finding pea sized poop drops on the deck between our pool and fence.

They were — still are — there every day and I began cleaning them up to keep my dog from enjoying them too much.

I found a rat-sized possum dead under my orange tree — cause of death unknown, but head damage indicated it was attacked, maybe by the neighbor’s cat — and I thought that might end the poop problem, but it did not. In fact, the problem has increased.

The poop has turned from blackish to brown and some has doubled and tripled in size. It has also spread and I find some of it in front of my garage every day.

This is not like rabbit or rat poop, and not as much. Not nearly

Source:: The Mercury News – Lifestyle


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