Another former Tesla employee has developed his own cure for hangovers from FDA-approved ingredients (TSLA)

Nishal Kumar DHM

We’re not sure what’s going on with Tesla but there’s yet another former employee who’s developed a cure for hangovers.
Nishal Kumar is trying to produce his herbal remedy of FDA-approved ingredients in Canada, for distribution in the U.S.
This hangover prevention remedy is also based on DHM, an ingredient from the oriental raisin tree. There’s some scientific research showing that DHM does boost the liver’s superpowers to deal with alcohol.
Kumar tells us he doesn’t know the other former Tesla engineer who developed another hangover remedy at about the same time.

There is another Tesla employees who has developed his own cure for hangovers, and who wants to manufacture the product for distribution in the Canada and the US.

Nishal Kumar, who studied geophysics at the University of British Columbia, worked for Tesla in sales and marketing for about two years, he tells Business Insider. He left that job in 2016 to take a job at a geophysics company, but his time at Tesla had a lasting effect. After talking to so many Tesla owners and potential owners, he kept hearing one complaint about its Model X SUV: it didn’t have a coat hook to hang dry cleaning.

So he designed one. The hooks sold so well that he was able to launch his own company, EV Items, which now sells a handful of aftermarket products for Tesla vehicles. EV Items is not affiliated with Tesla ,but has done well enough that he was able to quit his geophysics job and buy his own Tesla, a Model 3, which actually does include coat hooks.

Amid all of his career moves, the 26-year-old like to spend his downtime enjoying a few drinks.

But he “started getting bad hangovers,” he said, and they were interfering with his love of 6 a.m. workouts. He didn’t want to give up socializing with friends. And he didn’t want to give up his early morning exercise. So he turned to hangover remedies based on dihydromyricetin (DHM). That’s an herbal compound that comes from the oriental raisin tree, said to boost the liver’s superpowers to deal with alcohol.

DHM-based hangover recovery drinks are popular in Asia. And now a growing number of companies are developing them for the North American market.

But Kumar was confused by existing remedies. Sometimes they worked great. Other times, not so much. Some products were in pill form and they required taking up to six pills throughout the night.

Kumar says

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