Us Weekly: Meghan Markle is already her own woman, she’ll choose her own issues

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“Meghan Finally A Princess” is not the banner I would have gone with, but clearly, Us Weekly knows best. Shockingly, People Magazine did not devote their cover this week to Meghan and Harry, but I’m guessing they’ll devote a special edition and next week’s issue to the wedding. For now, Us Weekly is just going back to the “regularly scheduled programming” of Making Meghan Great Again. I’m fine with that. Some highlights from the cover story:

Meghan was horrified by her dad’s staged pap pics: “Meghan is upset and disturbed by the entire ordeal and just wants to move past it. Her relationship with her father has always been strained, mostly because of his ill-thought-out decisions and lack of responsibility. This goes to prove that. She doesn’t want anything to ruin her day and is trying to keep her focus on the weekend.”

Royal expert Omid Scobie speaks: From the start of her relationship with Harry, 33, it was clear “she was and is different,” royal expert Omid Scobie says. “She is this woman who is an accomplished actress and philanthropist who wasn’t afraid to use the F-word — feminism. She was already shunning traditional dating protocols.”

Meghan is already a grown-ass woman: “Kate was growing up and becoming her own woman within the palace walls,” Scobie adds. “Meghan has already been through that process. Meghan has come in with her vision and the changes that she can make in the world. The aides at Kensington have had to sit back and let her get on with it, let her choose her own issues. Harry’s staff, versus William’s, is much younger and used to Harry having his own way. He wants Meghan to have that same freedom.”

[From Us Weekly]

As we’ve discussed a lot this week, the youth and inexperience – not to mention the sycophancy – of William and Harry’s communications team is going to be a big issue in the coming months. Kensington Palace f–ked up, BIGLY. And I do believe heads will roll (so to speak). Now, does it follow that from here on out, Meghan, Harry and the Cambridges will be micromanaged by “old guard” PR people? No, probably not. But William and Harry will have to fire some of their staffers because that’s one of the only ways to get past this week’s

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