Both of these 21-year-old twins landed full-time jobs at Apple — here’s how it happened, and their best interview advice (AAPL)

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Cameron and Tyler Haberman — twin brothers — have just graduated from University of California, Berkeley, and are both headed to work in finance at Apple.
The brothers said their Apple interviews got off to rocky starts.
But the Haberman twins recovered and landed their dream internships, which turned into jobs. Here’s their best advice for acing an interview.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world, and the makers of the single most popular smartphone in the world. So it’s not surprising to learn that getting a job there isn’t easy.

So it’s noteworthy that as of September, the Haberman family will be represented at Appleby not one, but two, 21-year-old college graduates. Cameron and Tyler Haberman, born one minute apart, have just graduated from the University of California, Berkeley —and both landed jobs at Apple.

The brothers ended up at Apple through one of the company’s unique pipeline for young talent. The Financial Development Program (FDP) is a two-year rotational program within Apple that aims to expose employees to different, non-technical parts of the business, ranging from operations to retail to enterprise sales.

Most participants start out as undergraduate students, and after a 12-week internship, they may receive an invitation to return to Apple’s FDP full-time after graduation.

If twins joining Apple in the same week wasn’t surprising enough, Tyler said he showed up to his interview 10 minutes late because of traffic, while Cameron nearly bailed on the whole thing mid-interview after being stung by a bee. Now, they’re sharing their tips and tricks for acing any interview.

Tell a compelling story

The Habermans, whose story was first reported in Berkeley News, used to think they didn’t belong in high tech because of their working-class background. Now, they say owning your story can help you stand out in a job interview.

The Haberman twins grew up in Visalia, a blue-collar city in California’s Central Valley, the kind of place where families stay for generations. The Habermans said an education wasn’t considered a priority among their peers; they didn’t know what the SAT was until they were high school sophomores. In Visalia, guns, drugs, and gang-related crime are major issues.

They landed at UC Berkeley — a “reach school” — after visiting on a field trip for honors students. The twins said they were overcome by anxiety at first that they didn’t belong.

Half their class was made up of international students; the Habermans had never been

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