Kathleen Wynne Says She Doesn’t Have A Credibility Issue Going After NDP Platform Numbers

Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne makes a policy announcement at the Finishing Trades Institute of Ontario in Toronto on May 14, 2018.

Ontario Liberals say there’s nothing hypocritical about raising alarms over what they call a multi-billion dollar error in the NDP platform just weeks after the province’s auditor general accused them of downplaying their deficit projections by billions.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne and Mississauga candidate Charles Sousa, who has served as her finance minister, targeted Andrea Horwath’s NDP at a press conference in Toronto Monday. Opinion polls suggest the NDP is competing with the Liberals for second place as Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives remain in the lead.

The Liberals say

The NDP released a statement saying the platform will not, as Liberals charge, defund billions in funding to programs. The party also noted that, “on the other hand,” Ontario’s auditor general concluded the Wynne government’s pre-election report was not a “reasonable presentation of Ontario’s finances.”

“Wynne’s pathetic attempt to discredit the NDP only reminds Ontarians how badly they’ve been let down by her,” the party said in a statement.

Ford has said he will bring in an outside auditor to look at the province’s finances if Tories win government. The former Toronto city councillor has repeatedly accused Wynne Liberals of “cooking the books.”

Ford has not released a fully costed platform, but has pledged do so before next month’s vote.

Instead, Ford is unveiling aspects of his platform with estimated price tags. His pledge to bring in a tax cut for the middle class by the end of the third year of a Tory government, for example, is expected to cost $2.3 billion.

The Tory leader has faced pressure from both Wynne and Horwath to reveal details on how he intends to pay for his promises and where, specifically, he might make cuts. Ford says he’ll find “efficiencies” in government, but denies that means cuts to health care or education, as his rivals claim.

Ontario voters head to the polls on June 7.

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