Doug Ford Targets Andrea Horwath In Debate As Polls Show Momentum For Ontario NDP

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford, left to right, Ontario Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne and Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath applaud as they finish taking part in the second of three leaders' debates in Parry Sound, Ont., on May 11, 2018.

PARRY SOUND, Ont. — Doug Ford and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath are sparring during the provincial election’s northern debate, as Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne defends her government’s record in the region.

Ahead of the debate, the Progressive Conservative leader attacked the NDP — which has traditionally enjoyed support in the north — slamming a candidate who he says was a professional anti-mining activist.

He says the NDP used to claim to fight for workers in the province’s mines, mills and factories, but now they serve what he calls “downtown Toronto elites” and environmental extremists.

Horwath shot back by saying it’s more extreme that Ford has spoken about driving a bulldozer himself to get roads built in the Ring of Fire.

The Liberal government has long promised to develop the chromite-rich region and last year secured an agreement with three First Nations to start road construction.

While Ford criticized the Liberal record on the issue as being all talk, Wynne says he has another thing coming if he believes the Ring of Fire will move ahead without respectful dialogue.

“I acknowledge the conversation around the Ring of Fire with companies and with First Nations, it has taken time, but we are doing it in a way that is going to ensure that everyone who has the opportunity to benefit is actually going to benefit,” Wynne said.

The previous day of the campaign also saw the governing Liberals set their sights on the NDP, as polls suggest momentum is building for the third party.

After the debate, Ford will attend a meet-and-greet in Parry Sound before heading south to visit a fire station in Waubaushene, Ont., and to attend an evening rally in Barrie, Ont.

Horwath will head to Sudbury, Ont., after the debate for an afternoon campaign event, while Wynne returns to the Toronto area to speak at the opening of the International Film Festival of South Asia Toronto.

During campaigning on Thursday, the Liberals accused the New Democrats of having a disdain for the private sector, the NDP gained the support of a teachers’ union and Ford promised he would cut taxes for the middle class if he’s elected premier on June 7.

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel


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