Jada Pinkett Smith ‘Had to Learn How to Woman Up’ with Will’s Ex: ‘I Did a Lot of Work on Myself’

Jada Pinkett Smith still had some growing up to do when she married Will Smith at the age of 26.

On the latest episode of her new Facebook show Red Table Talk Wednesday, the actress, 46, opened up about how coparenting with Smith’s ex-wife Sheree Fletcher helped her become a better person.

“I did a lot of work on myself,” she admitted to Fletcher, who joined her for the episode. “And I must say this relationship between you and I was one of the fundamental relationships where I had to learn how to woman up.”

“You were so young too when you got into this,” Fletcher replied.

“We all were,” Pinkett Smith answered. “I was younger than Trey,” she said, referring to Fletcher’s now 25-year-old son with Smith.

“It was not easy at first, that’s for sure,” Pinkett Smith added of coparenting Trey.

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Fletcher noted that while things weren’t easy, she knew Pinkett Smith always wanted the best for the kids – even if she was a little more gung-ho about starting a blended family than Fletcher was at the time.

“That is annoying,” Pinkett Smith joked about her own enthusiasm. “I got to keep it real, that is annoying.”

“We have to understand that we do have boundaries and lanes,” Jackson said. “Sometimes it was too much and I thought Jada needed to fall back. But I also saw your heart in it. You weren’t trying to take my place … You meant well.”

Further complicating Pinkett Smith and Fletcher’s relationship early on was, as the actress revealed on the show’s previous episode, she and Smith started dating before his divorce with Fletcher was finalized.

Pinkett Smith said it took time for her to realize that Fletcher would always be a part of Smith’s life. “When you have a child, when you create life with someone, there’s always going to be a bond there. Period,” she said. “I’m not talking about a romantic bond. But there’s going to be a bond there, and that’s just real.”

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Getting to where they are now was “a process,” she added. “We had a lot of family meetings. We did a lot of things together. Even if we weren’t both there mentally,

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