A voice, a void, a World Without Us

World Without Us

When: April 17-29

Where: Cultch Historic Theatre

Tickets: from $22, tickets.thecultch.com

Depressing or exhilarating? How you feel after seeing World Without Us may depend upon your perspective going into the theatre.

“We spend a long time in space, when even the Earth has been swallowed by the sun, and you realize that your period of time is incredibly short,” said Karolien De Bleser, the lone performer in the production she calls “a zerologue.”

“For some, this is depressing. For others, it’s the opposite: ‘Wow, I’m just this little part in time, so why am I worrying that I didn’t park my car in the right position,’ or whatever. It can be very comforting to see the bigger picture. But that depends on who you are and how you look at things.”

World Without Us was the winner of 2016 Fringe First Award and finalist for 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Sustainable Practice Award. It’s the third part of a thematic trilogy from Belgian company Ontroerend Goed. Local theatre-goers may recall the company as the force behind Fight Night (not part of the trilogy), which the Cultch brought to town just before the 2016 American election. That politically-charged piece explored the meaning of democracy as it invited audience members to vote for their favourite performer based on rigged answers and questions.

World Without us, from Belgian company Ontroerend Goed, imagines a post-human Earth. It runs from April 17 to 29 at The Cultch. For Shawn Conner’s 0419 feat world for April 19, 2018. [PNG Merlin Archive]

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World Without us, from Belgian company Ontroerend Goed, imagines a post-human Earth. It runs from April 17 to 29 at The Cultch.

As per its title, World Without Us — making its Canadian premiere at the Cultch — imagines an absence of humanity. There are some props and effects, but mostly it’s voice and imagination.

“We take the visitor on an imaginative trip into time, like if you were to open a time capsule and find some evidence or traces from five thousand years ago,” De Bleser said. “You would find a recording and that would be my voice.”

She collaborated on the piece with Alexander Devriendt, Valentijn Dhaenens, and Joeri Smet (artistic director, performer, and dramaturg with Ontroerend Goed, respectively).

“We read a lot of books about what the world would look like without us. Then

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