James Comey Tells On Explosive Decision To Reopen Hillary Clinton Email Probe

james comey decision expose hillary clinton private email server

Ousted FBI Director James Comey described his choice of whether or not to go public with a renewed FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server just two weeks before the 2016 president election.

“In July, and in the period since, I had repeatedly told the country and Congress that the FBI had done an honest, competent, and independent investigation and we were finished,” he writes in his new tell-all autobiography, A Higher Loyalty.

The book is not due to hit bookshelves until April 17— but was exclusively obtained ahead of publication by Radar.

“There was no case here,” he continued. “People could take that to the bank.”

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Yet, on October 27, the FBI and the Department of Justice had just decided to seek a search warrant to review a huge trove of Hillary Clinton’s emails, including information that conceivably could change our view of the investigation.

“And, as I was assured by top investigators at the Bureau, there was no prospect of finishing the review before the election. What was our responsibility? Our long-standing tradition,”Comey added, “Is to avoid, if at all possible, taking any action that might have an impact on an election.”

“That tradition, that norm, was part of my identity. It was why the FBI hadn’t signed the October Obama administration statement about Russian election interference. If this was a brand-new investigation, doing nothing would have been an option.”

“But in the Clinton email case, I saw only two choices, only two doors, and they were both actions.

“One door was marked ‘Speak,’” Comey writes. “By speaking, I could tell Congress that the FBI’s prior statements about the investigation being over were no longer true. That would be really, really bad.

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“It would put the Bureau, and me, in a place where we might have an impact on an election. Really bad, nauseating even. To be avoided if humanly possible.

“What was that other door? ‘Conceal,’ is what it read to my eyes. On behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an organization whose success relies on the public trust, I had testified under oath in public hearings to Congress and the American people that this

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