Carolyn Hax: I want to tell my nephew he was raised by a “fake” dad


DEAR CAROLYN: My nephew doesn’t know that his “dad” is not his biological dad. My sister birthed my nephew out of wedlock and met the man she married years later. For his whole life, my sister has allowed my nephew to think his fake dad is his real dad. She divorced his fake dad five years ago but still hasn’t told my nephew, who is in his mid-20s now and about to get married.

Ironically, my nephew didn’t invite my sister to his wedding for various reasons and now his fake dad will be at his side.

My sister doesn’t intend to ever tell her son about his real biological father.

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Am I complicit because I haven’t told him myself? I would love to tell my nephew because I believe this lie has created a family system of secrets and opaqueness. But is that my place?


DEAR ANONYMOUS: I could argue it’s not your place to tell solely due to your use of “fake dad.” A man who sticks around to raise a child is a dad, period — contemptuous modifiers notwithstanding. There’s no place here for someone who doesn’t have your nephew’s best interests at heart and isn’t sensitive to the needs of all parties. Your choice of words therefore is disqualifying if there’s any feeling behind it.

Conveniently, it’s not your place to stir this pot for reasons less open to debate: You’re not this man’s parent. As long as his mom and dad are mentally and physically present, they make the call. Even a terrible call like the one they’ve made to this point.

Are you complicit for helping them to keep the secret? A little. Not for failing to tell your nephew yourself, though. You’re complicit for the extent to which you made

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