‘I Wanted To Punch Him!’ Janice Dickinson Slams Bill Cosby In Court Testimony

Janice Dickinson faced Bill Cosby in court on Thursday where she told the jury that the disgraced comedian raped her in 1982, RadarOnline.com has learned.

In her heartbreaking testimony, Dickinson — now the fourth accuser to take the witness stand at Cosby’s sex assault retrial — told jurors she was “rendered motionless” by a pill Cosby had given her in his Lake Tahoe, California hotel room.

“Here’s a married man, father of five kids, on top of me,” Dickinson, 63, testified. “I was thinking how wrong it was. How very wrong it was.”

Dickinson, who was 27 at the time, revealed that she had felt vaginal pain when she woke up the next morning and noticed semen between her legs.

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When she attempted to confront Cosby the following morning, Dickinson said he looked at her like she “was crazy.”

“I wanted to hit him. I wanted to punch him in the face,” she admitted.

During the cross examination portion of her testimony, lawyers slammed her for inconsistencies that referred back to her 2002 autobiography. Dickinson claimed details of the assault were left out because of pressure she received from her lawyers and the publisher not to write it.

The former super model described her initial meeting with Cosby came after he had called her agent and said he had wanted to meet her and possibly mentor her. Dickinson said she had wanted to expand her career into singing and acting.

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Her initial meeting with the comedian was held at his New York City townhouse where he invited her to Lake Tahoe and gave her an acting manual.

After the meeting, Cosby had tracked her down in Bali where she was modeling for an oil company calendar, and asked her to meet up at Lake Tahoe to “further talk about my career.

“So, I was on the beach and I was thinking, ‘Why is this guy calling me?’” Dickinson said.

Cosby had offered to fly her out to his Lake Tahoe hotel, where she tested out her vocal range with Cosby’s musical director, watched Cosby perform and then joined the two men for dinner.

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Dickinson claimed that she started to get cramps,

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