Ask Amy: I love my sister. Why does she treat me so badly?

Columnist Amy Dickinson  (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

DEAR AMY: My sister is three years older than me. When I was little, she would bully, undermine, belittle and keep her distance from me. She has never been married, and (in her own way) has punished me by being unresponsive to my happy marriage and uninterested in my children.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

She goes through periods of noncommunication, until I reach out to her during “safer” times. During those peaceful periods, she will ask me to emotionally support her, and I do.

Finally, she ended all communication with me during the final years of my mother’s life, when I could have used some support in her care.

Despite all of this, I still feel hurt that she won’t at least be friendly with me. I have known her to cut other people out of her life. I am now in that category.

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I have never known her to apologize or admit being wrong to anyone, and I don’t expect that.

I have tried hard to include her in my family, and have done kind things for her my whole life. I can’t think of why I might have caused her problems.

Why is she like this? And why am I so sad?

No Sister

DEAR SISTER: I don’t know why your sister is the way she is. Possibilities are: life-long jealousy, free-floating emotional issues leading way back to childhood and/or undiscovered emotional or mental imbalance.

You were the baby that barged into her life when she was three. Perhaps your parents didn’t promote bonding in childhood, or didn’t deal with her challenges and behavior effectively, setting both of you up for a cycle of rejection. You didn’t cause her problems.

Of course you feel

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