‘You Say Things For Attention!’ Camille Slams ‘Tattletale’ Dorit!

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer finally called out Dorit Kemsley for being a “tattletale.”

The drama unfolded at Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s beach house after a few of the women were offended that Erika Girardi decided to sleep at a hotel after claiming she was experiencing “the worst period” of her life.

Footage from the night before showed Arroyave, Grammer, Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards in agreement that Girardi’s sudden departure was “weird.”

But Kemsley took it upon herself to tell Girardi the following morning that Richards and Arroyave were “very mad about it.”

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“I mean this is the stupidest s—t ever. Somebody’s mad because I slept at the hotel?” Girardi remarked.

Arroyave and Richards stressed they were never mad – but Grammer took the matter into her own hands by calling out Kemsley for making the minor situation a bigger problem.

“Why?” Grammer questioned Kemsley for bringing up the conversation from the night before. “Because you want to be a tattletale? That’s not cool.”

Kemsley quipped that Grammer was acting “silly” but Grammer wasn’t having it. She seized the opportunity to call out Kemsley a second time for calling her a c—t weeks prior.

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“Dorit, I don’t agree with the things you say and some of the things you do,” Grammer said. “I just think you say things for attention and I don’t think it’s cool.”

Meanwhile, Girardi admitted she felt “embarrassed” by the drama and the blame once again shifted towards Arroyave, who broke out in tears.

“It wasn’t just Teddi saying it,” Arroyave defended herself. “It’s not Teddi on blast here. I, like all of you, said it was weird. Nobody cares. We all just thought it was weird. Teddi didn’t do anything wrong!”

Girardi agreed to move on.

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