How To Celebrate Self-Love On Valentine’s Day And Beyond

If you’re not into Valentine’s Day or you happen to find yourself single this time of year, practicing self-love offers a refreshing and healthy alternative to commercial celebrations.

Self-love is a mindset, a commitment to extending to ourselves the same kind of respect, compassion, and kindness that we gladly extend towards others. Self-love means loving ourselves unconditionally, regardless of accomplishments, size, or stature.

It’s not about loving ourselves more when we lose that last five pounds, but about setting the intention to love ourselves now, in this moment.

Practicing self-love means loving ourselves through our tears and laughter, our wins and our losses. Self-love says we are worthy and lovable and whole. External factors do not define us, we are deserving of love just as we are.

When it comes to self-improvement and internal change, things can be easier said than done. Waking up one morning and deciding to love ourselves is the first step, but the action itself, the loving, can be challenging. But like any habit-forming action, the more we repeat actions of self-love, the more this mindset becomes part of our routine.

So what better way to form a good habit than by celebrating yourself with acts of self-love? Check out our list below of our top 10 ways to practice some self-care, not only on Valentine’s Day but throughout the year.

Learn how to DIY

Giving yourself the skill set to practice self-care at home is a pretty sweet and practical gift, if you ask us.

Check out your local wellness centre, yoga bar, or event space that’s hosting self-massage, stretch or yoga classes. Not only will you feel rejuvenated after you try just one class, but you’ll be able to carry on these lessons at home too.

Let your natural beauty shine

Feeling inspired from your self-massage session and want to highlight your healthy glow? Try a good old-fashioned makeover. Whether it’s at your local drug store or favourite makeup counter, having a professional make you look your best can be super rejuvenating. Plus, it’s fun!

If you’re in Toronto on Feb. 14, The Detox Market has enlisted the help of a makeup artist to give guests mini-makeovers. No criticism, no chemicals, no fee, just some fun, healthy ways to show yourself some love, and look and feel your best.

Engage in wellness rituals

Engaging in mindful wellness rituals as part of our daily beauty routine is an easy and instantly rewarding way

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel


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