Families Of Slain Indiana Teens ‘Still Looking For A Killer’ One Year After Murder

On the one-year anniversary of the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams one girl’s grandmother exclusively told Radar they were still “looking for a killer,” and police believe the man “did it before and he’ll do it again.”

The Delphi, Indiana teens went missing on February 13, 2017 and their bodies were found the next day.

“I really thought it was just a day on the calendar, it ended up being a little tougher than anticipated,” German’s grandmother Becky Patty told Radar.

The crime scene where the girls were found was so gruesome State Police Superintendent Doug Carter expressed his horror at the crime. “I’ll never be able to un-see what I saw that day,” he said.

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Patty told Radar how they spent their time on the heartbreaking anniversary.

“We went to the grave sites today. We have a candlelight vigil that is going to happen tonight. We are staying busy for the day.”

German captured a video on her cell phone of the man police have said was the suspect in their murders but her grandmother said they had only seen a “small clip. There were some things they wanted to see if we understood.” Patty told Radar she had not seen the entire video and didn’t know “right now,” if she even wanted to.

Patty said German’s father lived with them and was doing “ok” on the anniversary of his daughter’s disappearance and subsequent death.

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She also told Radar she was hopeful the killer would be caught, explaining the police had been “checking out” several “persons of interest that that haven’t told us about.”

Patty said the police “feel like he did it before and he’ll do it again,” so they wanted to keep the information out there to prevent another tragedy.

“We don’t know, we’re mixed,” she said when asked if she believed the killer was a local man. “We go back and forth. We don’t know. He could be in our town or in one of the big towns around us and blend in. He is down the street from somebody.”

Patty recalled one of her favorite memories of her granddaughter.

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