Mark Wahlberg donated $1.5 million to Time’s Up in Michelle Williams’ name

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As we discussed all of last week, Mark Wahlberg somehow got paid $1.5 million for the reshoots of All the Money in the World, while Michelle Williams got paid less than $1000. The answer to “how?” is that Michelle did the reshoots because she believed in the movie, because she didn’t want to be a nuisance, and because she wanted to “fix” the film after Ridley Scott decided to edit Kevin Spacey out and Christopher Plummer in. She wanted all of that more than she wanted money. Mark Wahlberg used that difficult moment to hold the reshoots hostage before he okayed Plummer’s casting and until he (Wahlberg) got more money.

There’s a lot of contradictory information about just what went down and what kind of contract Mark had, etc. But the important thing to know – and the through-line between the different stories – is that Mark and his agent/managers negotiated the pay bump without emotion – he didn’t care if the movie was saved, he didn’t care about Plummer’s recasting or any of that. Wahlberg just knew they couldn’t do the reshoots without him, and that’s how they negotiated. Well, now that everyone knows that Wahlberg and the agency – which he shares with Michelle – screwed Michelle over, suddenly dude is very concerned with how he looks. Wahlberg has announced that he’ll be donating the $1.5 million to Time’s Up.

— Mark Wahlberg (@mark_wahlberg) January 13, 2018

In addition to Wahlberg donating his reshoot salary, their shared agency, WME, is pledging $500,000 to Time’s Up. WME released a statement too, saying:

“The current conversation is a reminder that those of us in a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities, including the gender wage gap. In recognition of the pay discrepancy on All The Money In The World reshoots, WME is donating an additional $500,000 to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in Michelle Williams’ name, following our $1 million pledge to the organization earlier this month. It’s crucial that this conversation continues within our community and we are committed to being part of the solution.”

[From Deadline]

All of this is just a massive ass-saving gesture and I bet it cost thousands of dollars for crisis managers to come up with this solution. Of course Mark Wahlberg doesn’t

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