Toronto Moms Reveal Unspoken Truths About Childbirth In Hilarious Video

So, you’ve taken a prenatal class and learned all about lamaze breathing, you’ve weighed the pros and cons of epidurals, you’ve packed your hospital bag with fluffy socks and inspirational birth music, and you’ve given your partner explicit instructions to avoid the business end of the bed when he’s capturing magical photos of your first child being born.

You’re armed and ready for childbirth, right?

You might want to sit down.

Toronto moms Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, known to their fans as Cat & Nat, have posted a viral video called “The Truth about Childbirth” to prepare women for the reality of exploding a human out of their bodies.

“I thought that after you had the baby you were gonna crack some bubbly and celebrate because you have given birth and you are a mother,” they said in the video posted Jan. 5.

“Literally everything that you thought would be, is not, and it’s actually more like the opposite.”

Belknap and Telfer are the duo behind the digital platform Social Common, a website for moms, by moms (they have seven children between the two of them). They host the live-streamed “The Cat & Nat Show,” and are the creators of the video series “Mom Truths,” where they share “all the dirty details of being mothers and wives.”

They’re known for their candid honesty, and have made international headlines for their videos, which tackle topics such as having sex after having a baby, going back to work, and mom brain.

As is their style, their newest “Mom Truth” video holds nothing back about what to really expect after giving birth — from the granny panties and pads (maybe even diapers) you’re going to need, to the ice packs you’ll be wanting and not for your head.

“It’s for your cooch! Cos that thing is swollen and pulsing. It is unrecognizeable,” the duo warns.

“It’s like taking a pound of meat and tenderizing it. So you gotta ice that puppy.”

To all the moms who look at everyone else and wonder how in the world does everyone else have it so together, so perfectly together ❤️ 1. Motherhood is messy, the magic is in the mess (maybe not the literal mess) but in the “I love you so much” “oh my gosh I can’t take another minute” . We’re all there with you

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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