Michael Douglas goes on offense against ‘tawdry’ sexual misconduct allegations

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (1987). (Warner HomeVideo)

For two-time Oscar winner Michael Douglas, life may truly be imitating art.

In his hit movies “Fatal Attraction,” “Basic Instinct,” and “Disclosure,” Douglas played modern men jeopardized by the machinations of sexually voracious, possibly emotionally unstable women. In fact, in 1994’s “Disclosure,” he played a tech company executive falsely accused of sexual harassment by his female boss, played by Demi Moore.

Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction (1987). (Warner Home

Now, Douglas is trying to put forth a real-life man-in-jeopardy narrative about himself regarding a sexual harassment accusation. According to the industry website Deadline, the actor and producer has claimed that he’s facing false, “tawdry” allegations of sexual misconduct made by a former employee.

The woman, Douglas said, has apparently gone to two other industry publications, the Hollywood Reporter and Variety, to allege that he masturbated in front of her when she worked for him more than 30 years ago. Douglas said the woman worked for him developing film projects.

After hearing that one or both of the publications planned to run exposes on him, Douglas said he decided to “get ahead of this” and disclose the allegations first.

Douglas said that in December, “I got a message from my attorney that The Hollywood Reporter wanted to do a story about an employee that worked for me approximately 32 years ago (who had claimed) that I masturbated in front of her… I don’t know where to begin. This is a complete lie, fabrication, no truth to it whatsoever.”

The “Wall Street” actor said the woman is also alleging that he used raunchy language in front of her and that he blackballed her from the industry after she stopped working for him.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas attend the 14th annual Monte Cristo Award at The Edison Ballroom on April 21, 2014 in New York City.

Douglas, who has been married to Catherine Zeta-Jones for 17 years, said the allegations are especially “painful” to read, first because his children are “really upset” that he might be labeled a sexual harasser. But he also said he’s always been a supporter of women’s equality and currently backs the #MeToo movement “with all my heart.” He added that Zeta-Jones is supportive of him.

Both #MeToo and the new Time’s Up anti-sexual harassment initiative arose in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein and other powerful men in Hollywood.

Douglas appears to be positioning himself as a victim

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