Legend Lin Dance Theatre highlights Taiwan in spectacular The Eternal Tides

The Eternal Tides

Feb. 3, 8 p.m. | Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Tickets and info: From $39, pushfestival.ca

Lin Lee-Chen is a creative firebrand whose work with her Legend Lin Dance Theatre has seen her recognized as one of the world’s most significant choreographers by the Franco-German TV network ARTE.

Since founding her company in 1995, Lin has played a key role in exposing the distinct and forward-thinking movement arts of Taiwan globally and at home is revered as a living master.

The Eternal Tides is a multi-part piece which looks at the history, geography and beauty of Taiwan through a performance fusing cultural and musical elements from Aboriginal, Chinese and other cultures into a visual spectacular. The piece is intense, physical, hyper-visual, and certain to generate strong emotional responses.

The Eternal Tides makes its Canadian debut at the 2018 PuSh International Festival of Performing Arts as a co-presentation with Taiwanfest, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan and Taiwan Academy.

Lin’s first new piece since 2010, The Eternal Tides played to packed houses last year in Taipei.

Lin Lee-Chen, artistic director and choreographer of Taiwan’s Legend Lin Dance Theatre. 2017 [PNG Merlin Archive]

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Lin Lee-Chen, artistic director and choreographer of Taiwan’s Legend Lin Dance Theatre.

“I try to extract experiences from life into my dance and reflect the constantly changing environment around me in all of my work, so each piece is quite different even if sometimes there is some continuity,” said Lin.

“In the last work there was a white bird at the end of it which died, now it is coming back to life after an incredible amount of effort and struggle. Life comes from determination.”

Determination is something that has defined Lin’s work from the very onset. Born in 1950 in Taiwan, the graduate of the Chinese Culture University Department of Dance produced performances with as many as a hundred performers as a dance teacher at Chang-An Girls’ Junior High in her twenties. There were shelves of awards and accolades bestowed upon her solo work. Yet at the peak of her fame, she retired to devote her time to family matters.

She returned to work with her own company with the goal of revitalizing and reaffirming Taiwanese culture in what she perceived as an increasingly westernized artistic landscape. The body of work

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Entertainment

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